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Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, World Vision was able to work alongside communities to accomplish the following in 2014.

Christian Commitment

  • We partnered with churches to serve community children and integrated Christian values of love, respect, care, and service into all our programs. Together with faith communities, we taught World Vision's Celebrating Families Curriculum, which emphasizes reflection and forgiveness as ways to build strong relationships between parents and children.
  • In partnership with local churches, we provided summer camps that focused on life skills and faith development. Children learned about developing a positive identity, finding strong role models, and building positive relationships.
  • As part of our Christian identity, we organized Christmas and Easter activities for 500 vulnerable children. We also arranged summer camps for 850 children to learn about loving God and their neighbors.


  • We supported students attending remedial summer classes by providing lunches and school supplies so they could improve their basic skills and succeed in school.
  • To promote early childhood education among local families, we worked with a local organization to host a community event where parents were encouraged to send their little ones to preschool.
  • To improve the quality of education for special needs students, we trained 32 teachers on how to design individual development plans for children with learning disabilities.

Emergency Response

  • Members of a student government were trained to develop emergency preparedness plans that would mitigate the impact of natural disasters at school.

Child Rights

  • 35 community members took part in a series of meetings that equipped them to handle cases of child abuse and child rights violations.
  • We supported community groups to provide sessions for youth on gender issues, in order to advocate for equal rights for females and males.

Birthday Celebration

  • Children enjoyed a birthday celebration featuring a play written by one of the students in the community. Over 5,000 children received gifts of colorful bed sheets to take home.

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