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Kolwezi, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Democratic Republic of the Congo
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Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, World Vision was able to work alongside communities to accomplish the following in 2013.

Christian Commitment

  • 5,619 girls and boys received spiritual encouragement through activities like Sunday school classes and Easter and Christmas celebrations.

Food and Agriculture

  • Assisted 300 households in purchasing additional land to expand their farms.
  • Educated 161 people about better farming methods, enabling them to increase food production.
  • Supported community-led savings groups, which helped give 280 families access to seeds and fertilizer so they can produce foods like maize, groundnuts, soy beans, and okra.


  • Helped 9,805 children receive immunizations, and 4,160 children receive vitamin A supplements, protecting them from disease.
  • Provided training for parents on how to prepare oral re-hydration therapy for children suffering from diarrhea--702 children have recovered so far.
  • Helped 107 previously malnourished children regain their health, thanks to a partnership with the World Food Program.
  • Coordinated with the local department of health to provide prenatal consultations for 986 pregnant women.
  • Assisted 614 women with voluntary HIV testing to reduce the spread of the disease.
  • Protected 2,217 children against malaria by raising community awareness on the correct use of insecticide-treated bed nets and the importance of having children sleep under them.
  • Trained 8,479 people about the risks and transmission of HIV in an effort to prevent the disease.
  • Worked with local churches to spread awareness about HIV and AIDS prevention.

Water and Sanitation

  • Provided borehole wells, giving 9,500 people access to clean drinking water and protecting them from waterborne diseases.
  • Educated families on how to prevent disease through proper hand-washing practices.


  • Equipped schools with classroom materials and hygienic toilets so 6,974 boys and girls could enjoy a better learning environment.
  • Provided training for 53 teachers to improve their skills and enhance the quality of education available for children.
  • Enabled 100 moms and dads to participate in school decision-making through parent committees, encouraging them to promote higher-quality education for their children.

Child Rights

  • Helped establish 40 community coalition care groups that look after the needs of orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Helped 5,378 girls and boys experience love and encouragement in caring environments through children's clubs, Sunday school groups, scouting, and other programs that promote protecting children's rights.

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