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Chancho, Ethiopia

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Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, World Vision was able to work alongside communities to accomplish the following in 2013.

Economic Development

  • Trained 40 young people on entrepreneurship and metal and wood working to equip them with skills to earn an income.

Food and Agriculture

  • Trained 60 farmers on pest management and organic fertilizer preparation, and 96 people on sheep and poultry rearing, enabling them to increase their agricultural production.
  • Provided 310 animals of better, healthier breeds to community members to help strengthen local livestock.


  • Helped vaccinate 4,006 children to protect them from preventable diseases.
  • Provided prenatal supplements to 2,141 pregnant women, helping them and their babies stay healthy.
  • Worked to prevent malaria by spraying houses, draining mosquito-attracting ponds, and providing insecticide-treated bed nets, which have benefited 15,354 people with a safer environment.
  • Educated 160 students on HIV and AIDS to reduce the spread of the disease.

Water and Sanitation

  • Trained 64 community members on water resource management, equipping them to look after local water sources and ensure sustainable access to clean water for families.


  • Furnished seven schools and supplied them with books which have benefited 575 students with an improved learning environment.
  • Trained 120 teachers and principals on improved teaching methods to enhance the quality of education for students.
  • Providing tutoring for 300 struggling students, helping them succeed at school.

Child Rights

  • Improved access to education for orphans, vulnerable children, and those with disabilities by training 281 community members on child rights and ways to improve educational equality.

Birthday Celebration

  • Children enjoyed a celebration with special treats and gifts of t-shirts and brooms (a welcome alternative to the plants they used to sweep with).

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