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Success!This sponsorship project has closed. Thank you for making it a success.
Below, you can read the final status report for this community.

Chancho, Ethiopia

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Success!This sponsorship project has closed. Thank you for making it a success.
Below, you can read the final status report for this community.

Christian Commitment

  • Demonstrating Christ’s love through their actions, our staff worked among the children and families of the community to promote peace and justice and encourage understanding.

Economic Development

  • A group of 11 young people was equipped with animal husbandry training, cows, and seed to start a cattle fattening business.
  • 86 unemployed youth were trained in entrepreneurship, bookkeeping, savings, and credit, empowering them with skills they need to build a productive future.

Food and Agriculture

  • 20 members of irrigation associations were trained in modern irrigation techniques to increase crop production.
  • 23 families started keeping bees for honey—an important source of income for many families in Ethiopia. We helped them get started by training them in beekeeping and honey production and supplying them with bee colonies.


  • 725 people were trained to provide care and emotional support for orphans and vulnerable children and people living with HIV or AIDS.
  • 50 students were trained in HIV prevention, stressing the importance of abstinence and faithfulness.

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

  • To improve access to clean water, we trained 90 water committee members and 15 local government workers in safe water management. We also equipped the water committees with kits to maintain water sources.
  • Through water, sanitation, and hygiene campaigns, 1,100 primary school students and 500 adults learned how to protect themselves from disease by washing their hands and treating their drinking water.
  • 100 health workers were trained in a community-led approach to improving sanitation that promotes healthy behavior such as using latrines and helps communities become certified as Open Defecation Free.


  • 79 members of Parent Teacher Associations were trained to monitor the quality of education and improve learning environments in local schools.
  • 1,848 children got help with their studies through a tutoring program facilitated by World Vision.
  • Children's parliaments helped organize a campaign on the importance of education that reached 213 people.

Emergency Response

  • To mitigate the risk of disasters such as droughts, 172 households were trained in soil and water conservation and environmental protection.

Birthday Celebration

  • Children celebrated their birthdays with games, balloons, cake, candy, and soft drinks. They were delighted to receive shirts and dictionaries as gifts.

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