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Jile Timuga, Ethiopia

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Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, World Vision was able to work alongside communities to accomplish the following in 2013.

Economic Development

  • Helped establish seven new income-generating associations, enabling community members to work together to earn more money and provide for their children.

Food and Agriculture

  • Worked to help farmers improve crop production by providing them training and supplies to reduce crop diseases.
  • Constructed and equipped a veterinarian post and trained 78 farmers on important agricultural practices to help strengthen livestock production.
  • Trained 137 individuals on natural resource management, including sustainable soil, water, and land use practices.


  • Trained 78 women on age-appropriate feeding practices for infants and young children to reduce malnutrition.
  • Provided 50 children and their families with micro-nutrient supplements to help them stay healthy.
  • Trained 66 women and 73 community leaders on the importance of prenatal and postnatal care to improve maternal and child health.
  • Worked to combat HIV and AIDS by educating community members on how to prevent the disease and by training peer educators to raise awareness in schools.

Water and Sanitation

  • Increased access to safe water by completing nearly two miles of pipeline, constructing a water collection chamber, and testing water sources.
  • Trained 29 members of community water committees on water supply maintenance, and provided tool kits to ensure sustainable access to safe water.


  • Constructed a new primary school to allow more children to receive a quality education.
  • Established 13 learning centers, trained 200 community members, and 88 volunteer teachers to provide non-formal basic education.
  • Furnished local schools with 200 desks, bookshelves, and materials for school libraries.
  • Trained 350 teachers on improved teaching methods, allowing them to provide better quality education for students.
  • Provided tutoring for 400 struggling students and educational materials for 645 students to help them succeed at school.

Child Rights

  • Helped kids with disabilities attend school by facilitating an intensive training for 270 school teachers and key community members to mobilize their communities to support equal-opportunity environments for kids with disabilities.
  • Raised awareness among 200 community members of illegal child migration and formed a task force to combat the root causes of this problem to help keep kids safe from being sent to other towns or countries to work.
  • Equipped community care coalitions to provide 1,000 orphans and vulnerable children with educational materials, 500 with clothing, 50 with income-generating activities, and six with the construction of a home.

Birthday Celebration

  • 382 boys and girls celebrated at a party with special treats and games. Each child received a t-shirt and shorts.

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