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Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, World Vision was able to work alongside communities to accomplish the following in 2014.

Christian Commitment

  • Our staff participated in weekly faith and dialogue meetings and hosted a Prayer Day to increase understanding of our own faith and the beliefs of others.
  • Emphasizing the Christian values of tolerance and equality, we organized a sports day for 136 youth from different religious backgrounds. Youth who attended the event participated in sports activities and an interfaith dialogue to get to know each other.


  • In partnership with primary healthcare centers, we trained mothers' groups on a variety of topics including healthy pregnancies, safe delivery, and preventing childhood infections in order to prepare them to respond to their children's health needs.
  • We collaborated with Red Cross youth members to host a community workshop for adolescents on health, nutrition, and prevention of substance abuse.


  • To improve their educational experience, 30 students with learning difficulties received our support to help them adapt to their school environment and relate to their peers.
  • To enhance the quality of education for children, we organized eight awareness sessions for parents on the importance of their involvement in their sons' and daughters' education.

Emergency Response

  • We conducted training sessions for emergency response committee members and healthcare providers on how to care for children during emergencies such as refugee resettlement.

Child Rights

  • We conducted nine child rights training sessions for children on advocating for their rights to education, health, and protection.
  • To promote youth participation and leadership in community development, we empowered young leaders to organize summer camps for 1,125 children and 124 youth.

Birthday Celebration

  • As a birthday gift to children in the community, a public park was renovated to provide a safer, more child-friendly environment.

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