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Green Valley, Philippines

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Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, World Vision was able to work alongside communities to accomplish the following in 2013.

Economic Development

  • Formed community credit and savings groups that provide small business loans to farmers, and help parents save money for children's education and medical expenses.
  • Trained 891 families to start backyard gardens, so they can provide better nutrition and earn extra household income.


  • Improved the health of children under age five by providing nutritional support for underweight children and training pregnant women on the benefits of breastfeeding during the first six months.
  • Created community savings and credit groups for pregnant women, so they can afford to give birth at a hospital and reduce the risk of delivery complications.

Water and Sanitation

  • Decreased waterborne diseases among children by training mothers and caregivers on the importance of hand-washing and boiling water for sanitation.


  • Increased opportunities for youth by providing scholarships for college students and vocational training for students who didn't finish school.

Birthday Celebration

  • As gifts to benefit children materials were given to the community to construct community centers, sound systems, or tables and chairs.

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