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Karaba, Rwanda

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Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, World Vision was able to work alongside communities to accomplish the following in 2012.

Community Development

  • Facilitated training for 23 community members to promote peace and reconciliation among survivors of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.

Economic Development

  • Worked to strengthen 26 community organizations, such as agricultural cooperatives in income generating activities, helping families improve their economic circumstances.
  • 150 community members participated in training to develop entrepreneurial skills, equipping them to start income generating activities.

Food and Agriculture

  • Helped establish 5,000 kitchen gardens, increasing household access to nutritious vegetables.


  • Trained 210 community health workers in child nutrition and the importance of breastfeeding.
  • Partnered with community health workers to provide nutritional rehabilitation programs for 100 malnourished children.
  • Worked with the community to construct a new health center, increasing community access to quality health services.
  • Collaborated with community care coalitions and church leaders to provide food and housing materials for orphans and vulnerable children and people living with HIV and AIDS.
  • Supported 88 vulnerable families with construction materials, such as iron sheeting, to help improve their living conditions.
  • Trained HIV positive pregnant women in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission.
  • Provided 50 community health workers with education on deworming, handwashing, and treatment of acute respiratory infections and diarrheal diseases.


  • Supported the construction a new vocational training center, as well as 5 classrooms and 12 latrines in a local primary school, working to increase access to education for all children.
  • Assisted 188 students with educational fees, enabling them to stay in school.

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