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Karaba, Rwanda

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Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, World Vision was able to work alongside communities to accomplish the following in 2013.

Community Development

  • Partnered with local associations to provide 70 key community members with trauma counseling training, so they can help others.

Economic Development

  • Helped establish 30 community savings groups by providing them with start-up capital. These groups are now using their savings for school fees, health insurance, and basic home needs.
  • Provided skills training for 24 community cooperatives so they can start generating income to support their families.

Food and Agriculture

  • Helped 43 farmers through training on better livestock-rearing techniques so they can increase their yields.
  • Supplied families with 1,639 avocado and orange seedlings to plant in kitchen gardens, enabling them to provide more nutritious food for their children.


  • Trained 45 health workers and volunteers on how to manage acute malnutrition among children.
  • Worked with 30 local church leaders and equipped them with training and information on HIV and AIDS prevention, advocacy, and care.
  • Helped 53 children and young adults learn value-based life skills.

Water and Sanitation

  • Provided 33 water tanks to the community for collecting rain water from rooftops, helping prevent soil erosion, and improving hygiene by supplying water for washing.


  • Paid school and vocational training center fees for 204 orphans and vulnerable children.

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