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Nyamagabe, Rwanda

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Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, World Vision was able to work alongside communities to accomplish the following in 2014.

Christian Commitment

  • 100 youth attended a camp we organized together with a local church partner. At camp, young people prayed, learned about Christian values, and discussed their role in peace-building efforts. With the church's help, they went on to build a house for a homeless widow and her three children.

Economic Development

  • 38 savings groups were formed or strengthened through World Vision Rwanda's Economic Development Program, providing 850 people with access to basic financial services such as savings accounts and small business loans to increase their income.

Food and Agriculture

  • 30 farmers installed biogas systems, which convert cow manure into clean-burning, environmentally friendly fuel for cooking, helping to reduce smoke inhalation and decreasing demand for firewood.

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

  • We partnered with local agencies to install water points, helping to reduce the burden of collecting water and decreasing the prevalence of waterborne diseases.


  • 65 of the community's most vulnerable children received scholarships and school supplies to help them stay in school.
  • More than 200 people (members of Parent Teacher Associations and other community groups) received training to strengthen their efforts to reduce drop-out rates in their communities. They helped us carry out an education campaign that resulted in 28 children returning to school.
  • 160 primary school teachers attended professional development courses on effective lesson planning and the use of teaching and learning aids.

Emergency Response

  • We worked with local agencies to educate communities on environmental issues and to raise awareness of the benefits of relocating from disaster-prone areas.

Child Rights

  • 500 youth participated in entertainment events, debates, and life-skills competitions aimed at raising awareness of HIV and AIDS, drug abuse, and other issues that affect young people's lives. We organized the events in partnership with local leaders and churches.
  • 1,000 children attended a three-day forum on life skills, including child rights, entrepreneurship, and love for God and neighbor. The forum also addressed issues such as child labor and the dangers of substance abuse.
  • We partnered with Lawyers of Hope, an association of Christian attorneys in Rwanda, to train all local child protection committees on child rights and advocacy for children who have been abused.

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