Frequently Asked Questions

Please call us at 1-800-678-2168 if you have further questions.

When you send a special financial gift, World Vision staff work with your sponsored child, their family, and community to determine what is needed most. Your sponsored child could receive school supplies, clothing, livestock, or something else they could really use. The entire community also can benefit from gifts like agricultural tools, building supplies, support for a local school or clinic, or a water tank. Learn How it Works.

In order to provide a gift that will make a meaningful and lasting impact, Special Gifts must be over $100. This minimum has been requested by our field staff who’ve found that the rising prices of goods make it difficult to purchase meaningful gifts for less than $100. In addition to wanting to make the best use of your donation for your child, we also seek to be good stewards of our field staff's time and resources. It can take a considerable amount of time and fuel for our staff to travel to the often remote villages where many sponsored children live. We encourage you to send a maximum of two Special Gifts per year.

Note: Special Gifts over $200 will be distributed between your sponsored child and his or her community. Your sponsored child and family will benefit from a gift of up to $200, while the rest of your donation over $200 will be used to benefit the entire community.

Please allow at least four months to hear back from your child after you send a special gift. Once our staff in the field have received a notification about your gift, it takes time to meet with the family to determine the most pressing needs, travel to purchase items in town, write a thank-you letter, and send it to you by international mail.

Unfortunately, we can’t. We refrain from asking staff in your child’s community what your child’s greatest needs are because this adds time to the process and needs may change. Please allow our staff to talk with the child and their family to determine what they most need. They will always work to ensure that your gift is used in the best way possible for your child, their family, and community. 

Once you’ve given a gift, World Vision staff will meet with the child and their family to determine their greatest needs. Then together, they’ll go purchase the items, take a photo, and send you the photo and a letter to show how your child, their family, or community has benefited.

If you have any questions or need help with your My World Vision account, please call: 1-800-678-2168