Send a World Vision Greeting Card

Share love and encouragement with your sponsored child.

Send a Card

Colorful greeting cards for your special child

If you’re a sponsor, we’ll send you fun greeting cards several times a year that you can sign and return to us for delivery to your sponsored child.  They’re an easy way to encourage and connect with your child.

A $5 donation to help with overseas delivery costs is optional.  To ensure your sponsored child receives a card, all you have to do is sign it and drop it in the mail. 

Although you won’t receive a reply to these cards from your sponsored child, he or she will love to receive them from you!  Children enjoy sharing their cards with siblings and friends and treasure them for years.

Messages on the greeting cards are printed in two languages:  English and the most appropriate language for your child’s country.  Languages include Spanish, French, Portuguese, or Swahili.  Whenever necessary, our staff members translate any notes written on the cards.

Types of Greeting Cards

World Vision sends cards for your sponsored child to help celebrate holidays like Christmas and Easter, as well as special occasions like birthdays and the beginning of the school year.

If your child lives in an area where Christian teachings are restricted, you will receive cards during Christian holidays that respect their beliefs and reflect a general message of encouragement and peace.

Please call 1-888-511-6534 if you did not receive this year's most recent greeting card, but would like to send one to your sponsored child. 

See the smiles of joy on children’s faces when they receive cards from their sponsors.

Watch your mail to sign and return your cards

Help celebrate birthdays!

Why Return the Greeting Cards?

Every year with the help of sponsors, World Vision sponsorship communities hold birthday celebrations for children. These parties give children an opportunity to play and have fun, while letting them know how special they are.


Children never tire of hearing that someone loves them. Read about how much kids look forward to receiving cards from their sponsors.

If you have any questions or need help with your My World Vision account, please call: 1-800-678-2168