Sponsorship In Communities


Helping one child out of poverty begins and ends with the entire community.

At World Vision, our goal is to help restore hope in the lives of children and their communities. All children should have the chance to enjoy good health; be educated, protected, cared for; to participate in their community; and to know the love of God and their neighbor.

For a child to know life in all its fullness, his or her community must have reliable access to all of life’s basics---not just one or a few. Each piece intertwines with another to make the community whole. As a sponsor, you play an important part in making this happen.

The basics of life:

Clean water
Contaminated water and poor sanitation lead to the deaths of 1.5 millions children a year. That’s why safe water is often where our work starts. Providing access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene can cut a community’s child death rate by more than half.

Food security
World Vision helps farming families learn better crop cultivation and food storage techniques, provides essentials like seeds and tools, and distributes food aid to help ensure children get the nutrition they need.

The lives of children in developing countries are constantly threatened by preventable, treatable diseases. We give kids a fighting chance by stocking health clinic shelves with medicine, training parents and health workers to treat illness, and coordinating HIV-prevention education and care for those affected by HIV and AIDS.

When children are educated, they have the opportunity as adults to earn better wages, raise healthier, educated children of their own, and have a voice in their community. We work to equip classrooms, train teachers, and provide learning supplies with the aim of helping children achieve their God-given potential.

Economic opportunity
Small loans and business training help parents start or grow businesses so they can provide for their children, while creating new jobs in their community. We have given microloans to thousands of people in need, helping to create or sustain millions of jobs worldwide.

Christian witness
Spurred by our faith, we partner with local churches and support biblical teaching to provide children and their families with the chance to experience life in Christ. Every day, children can see God’s love through the care provided by our staff.

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